About Us
About Us

Hey nature lover, welcome to our environmental friendly store where sustainability is always a priority.

How it all started

The culture of every place depends on its environment, climatic conditions and human behavior. Environment plays a very significant role in our life. Environmental crisis is a very big problem for whole world and cannot be ignored. Keeping this in mind every individual have to play his / her role towards this situation and for the same reason we have started bhasaa to provide sustainable products.

What drives us

Sustainable development policy drives us, where we meet the present needs by protecting the world’s resources. We believe in the economic development that meets the needs of all without leaving future generations with fewer natural resources than those we enjoy today.

Our purpose and values

Our first priority is to provide you all with products that are environmental friendly and sustainable, at the same time we are also responsible towards the local community where we live and survive and to support the local community in various ways is also in our agenda.

We are aimed towards delivering environmental friendly products to change individual's life style and make them think how a small step can make a big difference.

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